Privatsphäre respektiert die Gesetze und respektiert die Republik Türkei. Wir respektieren Ihre Rechte und Ihre Privatsphäre beim Ausfüllen, Übertragen und Speichern Ihrer vertraulichen Informationen. Diese Datenschutzrichtlinie gilt für alle persönlichen Daten und Daten auf diesen Websites und allen Websites, auf die auf diesen Websites verwiesen wird. < br />

Sammlung von persönlichen Daten

We keep and process the information you provide, with a sufficient level of protection that seems adequate and affordable. information provided by a third party except where stipulated by the Republic of Turkey do not pass legislation.

We may require you to provide contact information, such as e-mail address, full name, telephone number, social network accounts, or any other necessary links to implement our services, provided by the Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27 July 2006 on ATIF. Personal data "(hereinafter referred to as" the Law ").

Refusing to give this information is a sufficient condition to refuse or stop providing all or some of our services. For your convenience, this data can be retrieved in automatic mode by notifying you before submitting a request for a receipt.

If you have placed your contact information on the sites, you have automatically decided to process the data and transfer your contact information to the administrators of the sites.

We may combine our site with other information from outside our site or from information you provide on our site to make our services or proposals work more efficiently.

If you tell us your details, you have the right to inform us in advance to review, change, correct or delete this information.

We reserve the right to choose methods and methods to verify the information you provide. The audit is carried out within the applicable legislation of the country in which you use our services.

You fill out our electronic forms, submit surveys, transfer information in other forms, you are participating in our privacy policy.

Use your personal information

We use your personal information only to provide services and services that are listed on our website.

In particular, we will provide you with information that is appropriate for you, provide services and support, transfer useful materials, technical information, etc. we are using.

We may also contact you to provide information about products, services, advertisements, competitions and other events or offers you are interested in. You can decide whether you want to receive this information by e-mail or through other kanals listed on our websites.

Transfer of personal information

We will not share your personal information with others unless you have requested products or services that require partners or contractors to communicate with you, and you must have previously given permission to transfer this information.

We work with third-party companies to provide services to our customers and provide goods, services and solutions; Do not use our partners, contractors and service providers for any purpose other than to obtain the obligation to keep confidential information in our possession and to provide services to our customers.

We undertake not to transmit your personal information provided by you to third parties; the response to the demands of state organs in a formal and legally appropriate manner; It follows the rules of the legislation, the verb, the calls made to the court or the decision of the court; Hilfe protect our companys rights and ownership, in the prevention of fraud; protection of personal safety or protection of our employees, users or the public property; Process your order or request or process it; Transfer to individuals or companies we hire to make internal operations of the company.

The security of your personal information

We guarantee that the information you provide us is protected. Although we can not guarantee the absence of unauthorized access, we can still make sure that we will protect your personal information and make sure that you use all the appropriate technology and internal procedures to prevent unauthorized access to it.

Processing data

By submitting any personal data on our site, we understand that our customers are expressly required to provide us with services and / or services that clearly state to us of the level and are strictly required to be collected under this Privatsphäre Policy and processed.

We have the right to refuse our services and delete data from our database at any time - but we reserve the right to compile statistics and keep other information in our communications and files to improve the quality of our services and services.

Privatsphäre Policy Changes

The Begriffe of this Privatsphäre Policy constitute the collection and use of information collected at web sites and pages of such sites.

We reserve the right to change or update the Begriffe of this Privatsphäre Policy at any time. Herhu If an angry material is changed, we will post those changes and update the version number on the document. Changes to the Privatsphäre Policy become effective as of this publication, and you continue to use our services and services, and agree to accept and agree to these changes. If you have any comments or questions about our Privatsphäre Policy, please refer to your comments or suggestions in the emails or other kanals If your personal data has been approved for processing, we are committed to deleting your personal data within 5 business days.